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network structure

This team is basically made up of professionals from three fields: Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Medicine, specifically Gynecology and Obstetrics, as well as those of Food Sciences. They are both national and foreign researchers of recognized prestige. First, we believe that having researchers from these fields allows us a broad and ambitious approach to the care and improvement of the well-being of the pregnant woman and her future child. Therefore, it assures us a high level about quality, trajectory and adequacy of the research team to the proposal.

Second, professionals in the health sector carry out their care work in public hospitals and clinics in the Madrid, Barcelona and San Sebastián areas. The team has the possibility of intervening directly with the pregnant population in these health centers. Consequently, greater adherence of the participants to the studies is ensured, which is a key element for the proper development of research work.

Linked to this is the disposition of health entities to obtain clinical data from the population under study. Furthermore, along with the aforementioned adherence, relevant factors are manifested in experimental studies, especially in Randomized Clinical Trials. All this is materialized in an efficient transfer of research results to the pregnant population as well as to the professional groups in charge of their health care.

Finally, speaking about the participating universities, we believe that the diversity achieved with the inclusion of three large universities in Madrid (Polytechnic, Complutense and Autonomous Universities) together with private university entities and the commitment of relevant universities and researchers on the same subject from Argentina, Canada, United States, Norway, Portugal and Sweden, offer the project the necessary strength and ensure a high scientific-technical and international impact of the results of our Network.

Ruben Barakat


Polytechnic University of Madrid

Michelle Mottola

University of Western Ontario. Canada

Tirso Perez Medina

Puerta de Hierro Hospital. Madrid

Taniya Singh Nagpal

University of Alberta. Canada


Kristi Adamo

University of Ottawa. Canada

Gabriela De Roia

Flores University. Argentina

Maia Brik Spinelli

Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Barcelona

Montse Palacio

Clínic Hospital. Barcelona

Javier Coteron Lopez

Polytechnic University of Madrid

Javier Gil Ares

Polytechnic University of Madrid

Maria Angeles Diaz Blanco

Severo Ochoa Hospital. Madrid

Carmen Orizales

Severo Ochoa Hospital. Madrid

Laura de Mingo

Severo Ochoa Hospital. Madrid

Vanessa Carrero Martinez

Puerta de Hierro Hospital. Madrid

Fatima Garcia Benasach

Puerta de Hierro Hospital. Madrid

Aranzazu Martin Arias

Torrejon Hospital. Madrid

Irune Alzola

Zuatzu Clinic. San Sebastian

Mireia Pelaez

Atlantic University. Santander

Yaiza Cordero

Complutense University of Madrid

Agustina Rollan

Polytechnic University of Madrid

Kari Bø

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH). Norway

Rocio Montejo Rodriguez

Research Unity. FoU Angered Närsjukhus

Rita Santos Rocha

Polytechnic Institute of Santarem-IPS. Portugal

Patricia Mota

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon-IPL. Portugal

Linda May

East Carolina University. USA

Miguel Sanchez Polan

PhD student in Polytechnic University of Madrid

Cristina Silva Jose

PhD student in Polytechnic University of Madrid

Dingfeng Zhang

PhD student in Polytechnic University of Madrid

Ane Uria

PhD student in Polytechnic University of Madrid