On May 9, 10 and 11, 2022, a seminar will be held at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (INEF) whose title will be: “Care and improvement of the quality of life of pregnant women. Physical activity during pregnancy .” In this seminar, researchers of great global relevance in this field will present a communication, and together with the students of the Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of the same center they will carry out days of exchange and dissemination of scientific research on this theme.
timetable seminar
Next, you will be able to see the planning of interventions that will be carried out in the seminar, each day, together with the researchers who will carry them out.
monday 9 may
Rubén Barakat (11:00)
The study of exercise during pregnancy at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: where we came from, where we are... where we are going.
Irene Fernández Buhigas (11:15)
Exercise during pregnancy and fetal wellbeing.
Rocío Montejo (11:30)
Barriers and fears about physical activity during pregnancy.
Kristi Adamo (11:45)
The Placenta; an organ the exercise world ignores.
Linda May (12:30)
The influence of maternal exercise on maternal and infant metabolites.
Pilar Chaves Pérez (12:45)
Exercise and delivery effects on mode of delivery, duration of labour and perineal tears.
Cristina Silva-José (13:00)
Influence of a Virtual Exercise Program throughout Pregnancy during the COVID-19 Pandemic on Perineal Tears and Episiotomy Rates.
Michelle Mottola (13:15)
Gestational diabetes mellitus: impact of physical activity on prevention and treatment.
tuesday 10 may
Maia Brik (10:00)
Perinatal mental health and exercise.
Rita Santos Rocha (10:15)
Exercise testing and prescription for pregnant.
Gabriela de Roia (10:30)
Measurement of sedentary behavior during pregnancy by accelerometer.
Leticia Chivato Lorenzo (10:45)
Exercise during pregnancy and maternal weight gain.
Kari Bø (11:00)
Pelvic Floor Muscle Training during pregnancy.
Taniya Singh Nagpal (11:45)
Psychosocial factors that may influence adherence to physical activity during pregnancy.
Patricia Mota (12:00)
Diastasis Recti. Prevalence, risk factors and consequences.
Nuria Baños (12:15)
Impact of exercise during pregnancy on maternal-fetal wellbeing.
Miguel Sánchez Polán (12:30)
Collaboration among obstetricians, midwives and exercise professionals is crucial for an active pregnancy.